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Xero is a full function accounting and general ledger system.  This application has been designed for the 21st century business owner.  It centers on the bank feed and revolves around pulling transactions into the software from your business's online bank feed.  While you can use this software with the manual  bank reconciliation method, the software is ultimately designed to function around the technology of the bank feed.  Xero is tightly integrated with Gusto Payroll software to help round out its product offering.  It has the ability to integrate with many other online software packages designed to help you run your business and it integrates in a seamless manner.  Send your invoices with an online payment option with credit card processing features.  Contact us for help with setting up or converting to Xero.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is much like Xero in that it is a full function accounting and general ledger system.  A few key differences exist though.  QuickBooks Online tries to bridge the gap between the old QuickBooks desktop package and the bank feed.  You can use QuickBooks Online using the manual bank reconciliation method of the 'old days', or you can use the bank feed.  It is our firm's opinion that QuickBooks is not as seamless as Xero, but they have closed the gap considerably when using the bank feed only.  We strongly recommend this option for business owners that are comfortable with the manual bank reconciliation method and those owners that are comfortable with QuickBooks desktop.  Payroll software is an add-on for all packages.  QuickBooks online payment options with invoices, similar to Xero.  The key difference is that QuickBooks Online not only allows you to accept payments by credit card, it also allows you to accept payment via ACH as well.  


Wave is a freemium product.  Freemium means that the product is free and the company makes money by selling advertising and offering other premium services such as payroll and payment processing.  This software is wonderful for sole proprietors that send out limited invoices to clients.  It gets the job done, but its sometimes clunky in the way in which it gets the job done.  Matching checks written to expenses from the bank feed can be clunky if you need to split a check into multiple expense lines.  Wave is always trying to improve and is constantly adding new features.  While the software is serviceable, we don't recommend this option for everyone.  It works well if you want to live by your bank feed, don't need to invoice customers, and don't need to track bills due to vendors.

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