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Our founder, Lynn Morgan, has substantially reduced her hours here at the firm.  She is really enjoying spending her time in the North Carolina mountains with her husband, Richard.  Rob Slaughter has taken over the role of Managing CPA in Lynn's absence.  Our name change reflects Lynn's reduction in hours and the shift of firm ownership.  

Our clients love Lynn, so rest assured, she is still available on an as needed basis.  Clients can count on the fact that their old tax information is still safe and secure at our office.  If we are ever faced with a question related to a client's historical tax data that requires Lynn's involvement, she will be available.  While Lynn isn't here very much, we still pride ourselves on treating our clients with great care and respect.  The same principles she put in place in 2004 will continue to govern how we interact with clients.  We are very thankful to have Morgan's Accounting & Tax Help as part of our firm's history.

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